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Marjorie Molina

Candidate for Charlotte City Council, District 5


7209 E. WT Harris Suite J #305

Charlotte, NC 28227

Meet Marjorie

I am Councilwoman Marjorie Molina and I would like to ask for your vote to continue to represent you on Charlotte City Council. 

It has been 11 months since I was elected to represent the amazingly diverse residents of East Charlotte on City Council. I understood I’d have a much shorter first term of service so I hit the ground running - transitioning directly from graduate school at UNC Charlotte, Belk College of Business in 2022, to diving directly into the challenges that East Charlotte residents face. I remember many leaders telling me the transition and learning is, “like drinking from a firehose!” I don’t disagree - it’s an environment where one must remain committed to learning, listening, and adapting to rapid change. 


As a first, short term councilwoman I’ve faced the mountain that is the Eastland Yards project with courage, accountability, and transparency. There’s no way to prepare for having one of the heaviest burden decisions of council fall on your shoulders as a newly elected official. What’s the heaviest to hold has been the outcome being considered the summation of my work and ability. I’ve cried, celebrated, and I remain committed to the best outcome. 


I’ve had the privilege to cast hundreds of additional votes during my tenure that benefit our resident’s daily lives. The smaller decisions like efficient water services, public safety, infrastructure, and others are decisions that ensure the day to day quality of life for our residents. There have been decisions resulting in a ribbon cutting or two that makes the news cycle. Those feel great and they provide equilibrium for the tougher decisions. Most often, however, the decisions that aren’t publicized are what affect our resident’s lives the most. I hold each type of council decision in the same regard - they are equally important. 


Serving as Councilwoman for the past 10 months have been a privilege and highlight of my service in Charlotte. I’ve called Charlotte my home since 2004 - moving here as a much younger millennial to accept a job in the banking industry. My children were born in Charlotte and I’ve raised them in East Charlotte for their entire lives. I look forward to them one day describing their “hometown” and her immense progress. 


I am a homeowner and your neighbor in East Charlotte. I share the same concerns, challenges, and hopes for our community as you do. That’s why I not only stepped up to this challenge, but I am willing to keep fighting! We’ve made strides but there’s more to do. I am asking for your vote to continue to push for the opportunities we deserve in East Charlotte. 




Marjorie Molina


UNC Charlotte
Belk College of Business

Arizona State University
College of Integrative Arts & Sciences

Arizona State University
W.P. Carey School of Business

Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College

Master of Science in Management

I hold a B.A. in Liberal Studies from Arizona State University, where I also completed a Capital Scholar Program on public policy in Washington, D.C.

Certificate in Business Analysis 

I was honored by Central Piedmont Community College to be the featured cover story for Corporate and Continuing Education, where I earned a Certificate in Data Analytics.

Associate of Arts

Certificate in Project Management

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